Give Your Loft a Lovely DIY Look!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a spacious, classy loft apartment. Give yourself a pat on the back for making a great choice. You have every intention of making this a warm, welcoming home, and it will take every shred of creativity in your to do it. Are you game?

1) Mobiles! Having a second floor means having a low ceiling on the first floor to hang your mobiles from. Mobiles are also a fun way to experiment with balance, color, material and design. If you love working with paper, consider making an origami paper crane mobile. You can opt to use brightly-colored or traditional Japanese-print paper. Wooden sticks, or metal rods? You decide.

2) Wall hangings a-plenty. The wall beside the stairs is a great place to hang your framed pictures, tapestries, and other wall hangings from, as they can also serve as great conversation starters. If you love books, why not install shelves along the stairs to show off your prized tomes?

3) Paper garlands for bannisters. The rails and bannisters leading up tot he second floor can serve as a place to put cheerful garlands on. Whether it’s a “happy birthday” made of paper letters, colorful cardboard dots glued on a line, or even vivid-colored Papel Picado, they’re sure to add a lot of personality to your sweet home.

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