Last post, we focused on the importance of taking your handy carpenter’s measuring tool with you when shopping for a new living space. For today, we’ll focus on giving the pad a very thorough see-through before purchasing.

When you’re looking to buy an apartment, there are a lot of points to consider and scrutinize. As mentioned earlier, we covered measuring the space in our last post. Other points to inspect are just as important, and will help you determine if this apartment is worth your time and hard-earned money:

    Ventilation – Does your apartment allow fresh air and breezes to travel in and out? Is healthy air circulating through your apartment? Good ventilation ensures the air in your apartment is dry and pleasant, and prevents the build-up of mold.
    Drainage – Are all the pipes in order? Are any pipes in need of repair or replacement? Are the bathroom materials sturdily-made or roughshod?

photo credit: theloushe via photopin cc

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